Monthly Archives: May 2014

Polish Busts and Austrian Beards: The sexual politics of Eurovision

Conchita Wurst’s victory this weekend was an upset only for those hoping she wouldn’t win. A frontrunner from the start, she was always expected to place well, with optimistic bookies putting her in the top three. The odds were clearly helped by her choice of an ever Eurovision-popular power ballad, rounded off by an always crowd-pleasing […]

LGBT Asylum in the EU: (pseudo)Science and immigration policy

SUMMARY: LGBTI asylum cases are on the rise worldwide and the EU remains a popular destination for those seeking protection. However, the immigration policies of most EU member states have failed to keep up with science or society, resulting in a frightening reliance by major European judicial bodies on sexual pseudoscience and the testimony of third party ‘experts’. The […]

What’s in a flag? That which we raise in the name of altruism still smells as imperialist.

SUMMARY: Neal Gottlieb’s planting of a rainbow flag on Uganda’s highest peak was dangerous for more reasons than the mountain’s weather. With the flag, Mr. Gottlieb brought the baggage of homonationalism, imperialism, and more importantly, ammunition for potential backlash against LGBTI individuals in Uganda. The moral of the story? Activists, even the most well-intentioned, must think before they act. July 1, […]

Where to begin (again)…?

SUMMARY: LGBTI rights are fast becoming part of the mainstream foreign policy debate. Having struggled so long just to get the spotlight, we now face the question of what to do with it. A reassessment of allyship and cost/benefit analyses of activist alignment with those for whom LGBTI rights have become the cause célèbre is in order. […]